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William Henley, Candice Rogers, and Rita Diaz Present to Pasadena Bar Association

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Mon, 02/29/2016
Ryan A. Kaye

Hahn & Hahn LLP partners, William K. Henley, Candice K. Rogers, and Rita M. Diaz recently presented a panel discussion to members of the Pasadena Bar Association regarding ethical issues confronting attorneys when a client is missing, incapacitated, or deceased.

Drawing on their own profession backgrounds (Mr. Henley – Civil litigation, Ms. Rogers – Family Law, and Ms. Diaz – Probate and Trust Litigation), each of the panelists approached the issue from a slightly different perspective, but came together to create a robust discussion about a difficult issue many attorneys face.

The audience was also presented with a detailed outline of relevant rules and guidelines to serve as a reference in the future. Hahn & Hahn LLP associate, Michelle K. Lee, was also instrumental in preparing the written materials.